Monday, February 1, 2010

New Slope Fashions Revealed at Snow Show in Denver

I previewed fashions for the 2010-11 ski season at the annual Snow Industries America (SIA) Snow Show in Denver Jan. 28-31, 2010. Remember the neon color craze of the 80s? It's baaaaack! Though not as blinding bright as that bygone era, snow clothes for next season will be vibrant—lime green, orange, sky blue, red—but softer and easier on the eyes. Contrasting that will be lots of gray in both men's and women's styles with black as an accent color. Metallics will shine, and jackets and hats with faux (and real) fur trim will keep you warm. No longer just black, snow pants come in photo-print patterns and colors. Silhouettes range from baggy to body-forming, but not too hugging. Though the 80s retro colors are back, the one-piece suits are not. Everything is jacket and pants. Base layers are so cute they can be worn as tops with jeans and moon boots, another throwback to the past. Tecnica has them in black patent. (Photos by Steve Crecelius, courtesy of Visit Denver.)

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