Monday, October 25, 2010

Colorado first to kick off nation's ski season, again!

Following a snowstorm made in heaven, Loveland is the first ski area to open for the season Oct. 24, with Arapahoe Basin following suit on Oct. 25 amid a snowstorm. Both areas are in Colorado.

Despite Maine's Sunday River's claim to be "the first in the nation to open" on Oct. 22, it has suspended operations during the week until they can "get the trails in the best shape possible for next weekend."

So. . .Colorado again trumps all ski areas in the nation in the race to open and stay open for the season. Remember, Loveland's lift-served summit is 12,700; A-Basin is nearly 13,000. With that elevation, of course they should be the first to catch the powder.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yoga and Skiing

Don't wait until the first day of skiing to begin training. . .it should be happening - now! I've found yoga to be the best all-around prep for skiing. Read my post from last season.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Women's Ski Jumping At Last!

I hear from my colleague at The Snow Industry Letter that the International Ski Federation said it intends to launch a World Cup for women's ski jumping in time for the upcoming season. It's planning 11 events for athletes over the age of 15 for the Cup.

A number of countries are poised to stage individual events, with Germany and Norway penciled in for two of the meets, while Turkey and Japan are also thought to be in the running to be host countries.

Six athletes per nation will be allowed to compete under FIS rules. The event is likely to start in December 2011 in Lillehammer and end in early March in Oslo.

Do you think this announcement from the FIS could lead to women competing in this discipline at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi? It's about time!

Learn more about women's ski jumping at the Women's Ski Jumping website.  For the latest International Olympic Committee ruling, click here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Glam Helmets Glitter on the Slopes

So by now we all know wearing a helmet is a wise thing to do. (Read my earlier post on helmet use). California even toyed with a law to mandate its resorts to require it, but Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the legislation, saying it would place an unnecessary burden on resort operators without any assurance of fewer injuries and fatalities. Nevertheless, it just makes sense to protect your head. So why not make a statement while doing it - a brilliant one.  Check out these high-style helmets handcrafted by Dareece Saca for Ice Couture.
Saca makes these designs with Swarovski, Czech and Korean crystals that catch the sun for a dazzling downhill display! Liners come in fur, velvet and dryfit. They cost anywhere from $200-$2000 but will protect your head in grand style. To order, go to her website or call 916-804-4037.