Monday, October 4, 2010

Glam Helmets Glitter on the Slopes

So by now we all know wearing a helmet is a wise thing to do. (Read my earlier post on helmet use). California even toyed with a law to mandate its resorts to require it, but Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the legislation, saying it would place an unnecessary burden on resort operators without any assurance of fewer injuries and fatalities. Nevertheless, it just makes sense to protect your head. So why not make a statement while doing it - a brilliant one.  Check out these high-style helmets handcrafted by Dareece Saca for Ice Couture.
Saca makes these designs with Swarovski, Czech and Korean crystals that catch the sun for a dazzling downhill display! Liners come in fur, velvet and dryfit. They cost anywhere from $200-$2000 but will protect your head in grand style. To order, go to her website or call 916-804-4037.

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