Thursday, September 9, 2010

Schlep Ski Boots with Ease

Schlepping ski equipment is a necessary evil for skiers. For day trips, I never put my boots on at the car and walk on icy pathways or graveled pavement to the slopes. This is a sure way to either fall on my butt or ruin my boot soles. I used to strap boots together and hang them over one shoulder and carry my skis on the other. Now I've taken the weight off my shoulders and put it on the ground. . .in my Skboot bag. Skboot is a versitle roller bag that holds not only my boots, but my helmet, goggles, gloves, neck warmers, sunglasses, and extra stuff like hand warmers, boot heaters, hats and socks. It rolls easily over snowy parking lots and hotel hallways, and it'll be great for flying too. Here's a photo of Caroline Horner, who invented and designed Skboot. Check out more at


  1. This is a very practical idea, especially to have your wet ski gear in a separate holder.

  2. And when you're not using it as a bag to put your wet ski gear in - it's great for a gym bag, grocery bag, or beach bag. :-)